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Cat Collars

Cute and useful, cat collars are important for your furry companion, whether they roam the great outdoors or explore new places in your home.

We have the best cat collars to keep your pet safe and looking their best.

Cat collar buying guide

When shopping for a cat collar for your favorite feline, there are two things to consider first and foremost: why are you shopping for a collar, and what features does it need to have? After that, you might consider additional factors, like size, design, and color. Keep reading for our comprehensive guide on how to buy a cat collar!

Determine your cat’s needs

Before you fill your cart with cute collars, it’s a good idea to think about what your cat’s needs are on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few questions to get you started.
  • Is it safe? The collar shouldn’t pose a choking risk during daily adventuring.
  • What is it made of? The collar fabric should be durable enough to resist ripping and fraying from nails.
  • How heavy is it? Heavier collars might be too much for more petite cats. Make sure the collar is weight-appropriate. 
  • How much is it? While price is secondary to what’s best for your cat’s health, keep your budget in mind, especially if your cat tends to lose a lot of collars.
  • How big should it be? If possible, measure your cat’s neck with a soft measuring tape. Select a collar in the matching size that is thin but able to expand. Most adult cats need a collar at least nine inches long, although big cats or cats with thick necks may require larger collars.

👉You should be able to fit two to three fingers between your cat’s neck and the collar. If you can’t, it’s too tight and needs to be loosened.

The collar’s type and design are also considerations for your cat. Check out these must-have features of a cat collar according to their lifestyle!
Customizable Jingle Flea guard Reflective Smart
Indoor only Image Image
Indoor & outdoor Image Image Image Image
Working cats Image Image Image
Therapy cats
Image Image Image

Customized cat collars for identification

The idea of your cat slipping out the door is scary, but a little planning goes a long way. Most collars have a loop that allows you to add personalized tags. There are also customizable collars where you can weave contact information into the fabric, or add the information as a patch. While this isn’t a permanent solution (we recommend microchipping), cat collars with your pet’s name and your contact information are a good safeguard should the unthinkable happen.

Collars that jingle

The bell on your cat’s collar serves a  practical purpose beyond making you aware they are underfoot in the middle of the night. Studies indicate that outdoors, Garfield and his friends kill billions of smaller prey animals every year. The bell that (sometimes) prevents you from colliding with your feline can also alert small mammals and birds to a stalking cat, giving them time to escape.

Cat collars with bells do have some drawbacks, though. The bell can get snagged on branches, twigs, and other obstacles and cause a cat to get stuck or trapped, or result in your cat slipping out of its collar. Particularly talented hunters can learn how to hunt without alerting wildlife, even with the collar.

Collars that combat parasites

Fleas are the bane of every pet owner’s existence and may threaten your cat’s overall health. Topical options, tablets, and chews might help, but in some cases, a flea collar might be necessary.

Reflective cat collars

We understand that sometimes, a cat has to explore the great outdoors, aka the backyard, at night. LED-powered cat collars or reflective collars with easy-to-see materials and glow-in-the-dark fabric are for cats that roam at night. Another option is to roam with them: combine a cat collar with a cat leash and harness to go on an outdoor adventure together. 

Smart cat collars

Any pet owner who has woken up to the neighbor’s cat — or the neighborhood raccoon — coming in through the cat door can attest to how important smart cat collars are. Collars that activate the cat door, food bowl, and other devices help our cats live their best life. Plus, for indoor/outdoor cats that tend to wander farther and longer than we like, GPS cat collars track their adventuring or find them when they’re lost.

Average Price Size & Colors Features
Covoroza Breakaway Cat Collar $13/3-pack 7-11 inches, various colors, and designs Bell, removable bow tie, breakaway, adjustable
Frisco Breakaway Cat Collar $6 8-12 inches, various designs Bell, breakaway, adjustable
Blueberry Breakaway Cat Collar $16/2-pack 9-13 inches, various designs Bell, breakaway, adjustable
SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats $18 Adjustable, purple Calming collar for anxious cats
YOULY Breakaway Cat Collar $9 10-16 inches, floral design Removable bow tie, breakaway. adjustable, bell

Frequently asked questions

What is the safest cat collar?

Safe cat collars should feature a quick-release clasp. Indoors or out, if the collar gets hung up on something, your cat can easily get out of it. Additionally, overly stretchy or elastic collars increase the risk of snags.

Should cats wear collars?

It’s a good idea for all cats, even those that are exclusively indoors, to wear cat collars. This ensures that if they get out, they are easily identifiable. 

Should indoor cats wear collars with bells?

For cats that are indoor only, this may be a preference, but we still recommend it. First, it lets you know where your cat is and can help prevent tripping. It can also help locate your cat, and if your cat gets out, alerts local bird and wildlife populations.

Should I keep my cat's collar on all the time?

Yes, it’s a good idea to keep your cat’s collar on them at all times. This allows them to get used to it and provides peace of mind for families with cats able to escape the home. 

Do bells on collars damage cats’ hearing?

It’s a myth that bells on your cat’s collar damage their hearing. Numerous studies show that even prolonged exposure to a bell won’t cause damage. It will, however, alert prey species to their presence and help curb the damage outdoor pet cats do.